What is Metabolic Health?

In medical terms, metabolic health is defined as having optimal levels of:

  • Waist circumference (WC <102/88 cm for men/women)
  • Glucose (fasting glucose <100 mg/dL, Hemoglobin A1c <5.7%)
  • Blood pressure (systolic <120 and diastolic <80 mmHg)
  • Triglycerides (<150 mg/dL)
  • High-density lipoprotein cholesterol (≥40/50 mg/dL for men/women)
  • Not taking any related medication.

Firstly, fixing an unhealthy metabolism starts with adopting healthier eating habits. Secondly, managing stress through techniques such as meditation, ensuring adequate sleep, and maintaining a regular exercise routine are crucial. Finally, seeking professional support can further aid in this transformative journey towards improved metabolic health.

The Metabolic Diet app (MHD) helps you change your lifestyle habits to be fitter and healthier.


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As a start, our guided app and real-time coaching start you off on small, manageable steps that ultimately yield big results. Next, MHD offers instructive videos explaining the science of eating and providing practical guidance. Finally, we equip you with specific tips to foster lasting, healthy habits.

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